Storm Petrel LLC

A New England based information technology firm providing web-based applications to emergency managers, consulting groups, local governments, and state governments. Software tools improve the financial recovery process after the impacts of a natural disaster.


• Tempest-GEMS manages FEMA PA Grants and related project worksheets

• Tempest-time invoices for grant management expense (DAC)

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Disaster Management

Let our team help your team manage FEMA's Public Assistance Grant program. Expertise in the Federal Emergency Management Agency's disaster recovery program shines in our two software products. Review videos, demos and sign up for your free evaluation now.

Tempest-GEMS Grant Management Software

Tempest-GEMS Software: Long-term mangement of FEMA Public Assistance Grant Program for local governments, state governments, consulting groups, and non-profits. Powered by Oracle: software-as-a-service.

Collaborate while managing Project Worksheets (PWs):

  • Track Project Worksheets
  • Track grant expenses accurately
  • Track grant revenue
  • Track progress
  • Effectively & efficiently manage documents
  • Collaboration with granting agencies
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Tempest-time Time/Expense Tracking Software

Accurately invoice grant management costs for FEMA PA Grant Program. Upgrade your "DAC trackers" to a sleek web-based tool. Use of Tempest-time improved recovery of direct administrative costs (DAC) to over 90%.

Key Features:

  • Strong Program/Project Hierarchy - matching FEMA and other federal disaster programs
  • Invoice with subtotals for disaster, program and projects
  • Track time with start-stop or duration
  • Track work location (remote / on-site)
  • Rates and discounts tables that mimic your government pricing schedules
  • Software-as-a-service: available anywhere, anytime

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